Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lotsa New Trade Bait

As promised, here is the list of new trade bait, which I am hoping will pique your interest considerably more than what I had on the page previously.

First off, a Phil Hughes jersey card.

Next, a Curtis Granderson jersey card with the Tigers.  While I like the fact that it is a jersey card, I do wish that the jersey on the card matched the jersey swatch in the card.

A Jose Altuve Panin Prizm Red/White/Blue Refractor - note the no logo showing, due to it being Panini and not Topps.

This is a Rick Reuschel auto; I was supposed to get a Roger Maris 1959 reprint, but the person misplaced it and sent this instead.  I cannot decide if I want to keep this (I think it is really cool!) or trade it away.  So, if you want it, it'll probably be a little harder to pry away, but I would more than likely include it if you wanted.

A sweet bat card.  I really like the Topps Archives design, and it being a bat card makes it just that more awesome. 

These three are all players whom I do not recognize, but autos and relics are always cool.  Who can go wrong with autos???

Time for a football break! Lee Evans was a decent receiver in the mid-2000's, while Michael Lewis apparently made a Pro Bowl with the Saints.  Ryan Nassib currently backs up Eli Manning, and even got to play at the end of the thwacking the Eagles gave the Giants a few weekends ago.  Also, the Nassib is serial numbered 153/165.

Last but not least, a John Smoltz rookie card.  He was one of the mainstays of the dominant Atlanta Braves starting rotation in the late 90's and early 2000's.
If you want to trade for any of these, email me at cheapbaseballcard@yahoo.com and I'm sure we can get something worked out. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Trade bait!

Tomorrow night, I will be listing a bunch of new trade bait that I received from both Ebay and Listia.  There will be auto's, relics, serial numbers - the works!  As a precursor, I'm going to "leak" two of the cards...

Jose Altuve Panini Prizm Red/White/Blue Prizm Refractor

Rick Reuschel signed card

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Player of the Day: Earl Whitehill

So I'm going to write about each of the players whose 1933 Goudey cards that I do get.  The first player is Earl Whitehill, he of the 17 years pitched.  Whitehill was a touch on the tiny side - only 5'9" and 174 pounds.  Imagine a player like that in today's game!  It doesn't happen too often anymore; however, I'm sure he was normal sized for his time. 

Whitehill started off his career with the Detroit Tigers in 1923.  He pitched in 8 games that year, starting three, and went 2-0 for his first year, with a 2.73 ERA.  A year later, he went 17-9 with a 3.86, winning the MVP award.  From 1924-1936, Whitehill won 11 or more games every season, only having two losing seasons in those years, which is a pretty remarkable achievement.  In 1933, Whitehill was traded to the Washington Senators (for a guy named Firpo!) and had the best season of his life.  He went 22-8 with a 3.33 ERA, helping the Senators to the AL pennant while winning another MVP award.  The Senators lost the Series, but Whitehill pitched great, only giving up 5 hits while pitching a complete game and getting the win.  He pitched 5 more years, playing for the Senators through 1936, the Indians from 1937-1938, and the Chicago Cubs his last year in the major leagues.  As an interesting sidenote, Whitehill was personally responsible for 11 of Babe Ruth's 714 home runs.  He also hit 101 batters in his career, including when he led the league with 13 hit batmen in 1924.  Despite being a pitcher, Whitehill was not a half-bad hitter, batting .204 with 4 career home runs and 23 doubles.

Whitehill had 3 seasons where he pitched over 270 innings, which you would most definitely not see today.  He also only had a career strikeout per game average of 3.4, which would deem a prospect unplayable in today's world. 

Earl Whitehill died at the age of 55 (1899-1954).  He received Hall of Fame votes 4 years, but never got over 4 percent of the vote.  Baseball-Reference has Earl as the 228th best pitcher all time, right behind Fernando Valenzuela and Cliff Lee. 

Awesome Contest ALERT!

Alrighty, so I am working on a post I will hopefully have later up tonight.. However, this is a CONTEST ALERT! Whenever I see a contest on another site, I will try to let you all know, so you can win some cool stuff.

Today, Captain Kirk 42 announced on his site that he will be having a contest for some unopened packs, so make sure to head on over and check it out.  The website is http://captkirk42.blogspot.com/2014/10/5th-blogiversary-contest.html#comment-form

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust (3/240)

Today a package arrived in the mail... My third card has arrived!

This was the random Goudey card I won the other day.  This Bill Hallahan was included in the lot of cards I won on Ebay; the deal was for 30 dollars (33 and change with shipping), I would get 9 auto/relic cards, about twenty assorted other cards, and one 1933 Goudey.  I kept a Derek Lee UD masterpiece jersey card, as well as a Randy Johnson serial numbered and Carlos Zambrano mini card.  The UD Masterpiece is one sick card - I may try to collect/trade for some of these, while biding my time to get some Goudey's.

Now I have 3 out of 240 Goudey's, only 237 left!

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Beginning...

I have decided to create this blog to document my collection of the 1933 Goudey card set.  I know it will take some time, but I am going to be patient and try to get every single one of the 240 cards, even the Nap Lajoie.  These will obviously take some money, which will be a problem near the end, as I am a college freshman and do not have much money.  As a result, I will try to get the commons for all under 5 dollars, including shipping, and will get them in any (readable) shape, as you will soon see. 

The cards I already have are:
  • Earl Whitehill #124
  • Fred Leach #179

I bought both of these cards for only $2.99 a card off of Ebay, which I consider a steal.  They are both in poor condition, due to the pin holes, but otherwise aren't too bad.  One of the interesting things about the '33 Goudey's is that sometimes words or pictures would bleed through the cards.  You can see this in the Fred Leach card back, as you can see him batting through the card.

I have two more cards coming in the mail, a mystery 1933 Goudey card I won as part of a lot on Ebay, and a Pepper Martin card.  I will keep you updated on those once they arrive to school.